About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Whiteline contracting is an excavation, vegetation management, and site preparation company located in Pemberton BC. We have extensive experience in right-of-way clearing and maintenance using hydraulic mulchers and mowers. Whiteline contracting has been involved with maintaining major utility right-of-ways for the last ten years as well as re-establishing road access and land clearing\site prep. We pride ourselves in keeping a small footprint by having a diverse line up of equipment and using the right tool for the job.

Whiteline contracting is owned and operated by Dan White, a third generation equipment contractor. Dan grew up in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast where he learned his trade at an early age working for his father’s company, Indian Isle Construction.  The family business focused on residential development and small civil contracts and continues to do so.

After working in the northern interior for ten years logging and mulching, Dan and his wife Laura moved to Pemberton in 2013 due to its incredible beauty, and also because they thought it was a place Laura’s Vet practice could grow and Dan’s vegetation management business could take root.

Whiteline Contracting travels throughout the province, mulching major right-of-ways and utility corridors. We also look after residential developments, whether it be a small driveway grading job or property development. Whiteline has rock hammers for all its equipment as well as specialty attachments such as rock grinders.

Why Use Us

Whiteline Contracting is committed to using mechanical methods for removing vegetation from a work site because of the substantial difference it has on the environment compared to conventional methods. Mulching vegetation reduces the time required for the vegetation to break down back into the earth by breaking the vegetation into small pieces, putting it into contact with the ground where nature can take over. This also reduces the risk of forest fires. When vegetation is just knocked over without mulching it into smaller pieces it can not all touch the ground, creating air pockets in the slash layer causing it to dry instead of rot. This is called fuel loading and is a fire threat.

Mulching also reduces the environmental footprint by greatly reducing the need for burning cumbersome slash piles. Not only do burn piles create a smoky environment but they create more machine time. Once piles are burning you need to have a machine around to re pile and tend the fires. With mulching you only need to work the mulch back into the soil layer and you are finished.

When burning is not an option many companies turn to trucking the debris away. This is expensive and also detrimental to the environment as you have to handle the debris several times to dispose of it. Mulching reduces the amount of trucking needed to clear a site.